A Province Of Thay - "Atonement"
The Lion in Winter - "Sleep Well, Avidya"
Theories - "Regression"
Bigfoot Accelerator - "BFA"
Lady Justice - "Self Titled"
Dead In The Manger - "Cessation"
Jef Shocki and The Workforce - "Self Titled"
Breag Naofa - "Split w/ Monuments Collapse"   
The Loss - "Last Rights"
A Province Of Thay - "The Grieving"
Dead In The Manger - "Transcience"
The Mothership - "Bright Side Of Dim"
The Loss - "Everything You Ever Wanted"
Ghost Town Riot - "Self Titled"
Bigfoot Accelerator - "Rat Race"
Highlight Bomb - "Finals"
Ticktockman - "Self Titled"
Crutches - "Evergreen Exiles"
Legendary Oaks - "These Narrow Bars Of Light"
Ticktockman - "Calling Out The Hounds"
Breag Naofa - "Self Titled"
Parasitic Skies - "Split w/ Losing Skin" 
Highlight Bomb - "Tables and Chairs"
Legendary Oaks - "Self Titled"
Crutches - "In Ruin"
Cascabel - "The Left Behinds"
Shake Down Valley - "Daysaver"
Highlight Bomb - "Exile On 99th Street"

Other Records I have worked on:

Minus the Bear - "Infinity Overhead"
Make Do And Mend - "Everything You Ever Loved"
The Sword - "Warp Riders"
Pelican - "What We All Come To Need"
Polar Bear Club - "Chasing Hamburg"
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - "Real Emotional Trash"
Matmos - "Treasure State"